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Press release, 16-Apr-2018

“Design Nation” – International Partner in 2018

EUNIQUE presents British design in collaboration with Nottingham

Paula Briggs, exhibitor of EUNIQUE and designweek +

Paula Briggs, exhibitor of EUNIQUE and designweek, displays porcelain and stoneware containers

The British design network “Design Nation” is the international partner for the 2018 edition of EUNIQUE – Fair for Unique Design Objects. “Design Nation” networks and promotes successful designers and craftspeople from Great Britain. EUNIQUE, which takes place at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre from 8 to 10 June, annually devotes itself to the design scene in a specific country, which is invited to stage a special show on a platform of its own at EUNIQUE. A broad spectrum of British design will be presented this year under the title “Design Nation: Head, Hand & Heart – celebrating British craft and design”. Designers and craftspeople from Nottingham, which is Karlsruhe’s partner city in Great Britain, will be among the participants in the special show.

Head, Hand and Heart in Harmony

The title of this year’s special show is inspired by a quotation from the English poet John Ruskin, who defined fine art as “that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together”. Each item on display conveys its designer’s passion to its viewers. The materials that compose these design objects are highly diverse, as are the backgrounds of the individual designers. For example, Hugh Miller from Liverpool dedicates himself to designing wooden furniture with elaborate details inspired by Japanese woodworking. An academically trained architect, Miller understands his work as part of a larger architectural concept. Dan Morrison likewise pursued a different career before starting his own business, the Blottworks design label. An engineer and computer expert, Dan Morrison previously worked as a musician and funeral director. He now sees himself as an artist and engineer who endeavours to create objects that convey the beauty of industrial materials. To achieve this goal, Dan Morrison wholly dedicates himself to designing unique sculptures with a mechanical aesthetic.

Partner City Nottingham: Homage to Creative Affiliations

Among its other highlights, the special “Design Nation” show focuses on craftsmanship from Nottingham, Karlsruhe’s partner city in Great Britain. Designers and craftspeople from Nottingham exhibit their creations in a designated area at the special show. Lively exchange had already occurred between Nottingham and Karlsruhe in the context of the partner cities’ “Creative Twinning” project, which featured visits by German and British designers to each other’s cities. This fruitful sharing continues in one part of the special show “Design Nation Special: designers from Karlsruhe's twin city of Nottingham”, which pays homage to the creative connection between the two partner cities and to the design scenes in their countries.

designweek Karlsruhe 2018

British design will also be on display throughout the city of Karlsruhe during the timeframe of EUNIQUE. From 26 May to 9 June, the second “Karlsruhe designweek” will present creative design ideas as solo shows at more than thirty owner-operated stores in the centre of Karlsruhe. With the goal of bringing modern craftsmanship and design as close as possible to potential customers, “designweek” will display a curated selection of highlights from EUNIQUE, along with contemporary design and skilful craftsmanship from Nottingham, Karlsruhe’s twin city. EUNIQUE is a partner of this cooperative project, which emphasizes commitment and support from Karlsruhe’s retail merchants. Paula Briggs, a designer from Nottingham and an exhibitor at EUNIQUE, is also taking part in “designweek”. She plans to display porcelain and stoneware containers that she fabricates in small series. “For my participation in ‘designweek’, I created new designs after allowing myself to be inspired by a special location – Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, which is near my home”, Paula Briggs explains.


Artisanal skills meet diverse materials at the tenth anniversary of EUNIQUE. The exhibitors present objects that embody a stimulating play between fine artworks and utilitarian objects. The spectrum ranges from finely crafted jewellery, through individually tailored fashions, to lovingly designed furnishings and home accessories. LOFT – The Design Shopping Centre takes place at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre simultaneously with EUNIQUE. At LOFT, design professionals, labels, newcomers and academies present new products in the genres of furniture, home accessories, fashion and jewellery to an audience with a strong affinity for design. A ticket to one fair entitles its holder to visit both fairs.

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LOFT - The Design Shopping Centre

LOFT - The Design Shopping Centre

Design trends will be presented at LOFT - The Design Shopping Centre

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