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Stefanie Mittmann, Inlace Jewelry, EUNIQUE 2017


Stefanie Mittmann founded "Inlace Jewelry" in 2014. Photo: Delia Baum (

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Monir Jewellery, Monir Kienzl, EUNIQUE 2017


Monir Kienzl will present her classical and puristical designs at EUNIQUE 2017. Her studio is located in the city centre of Vienna.

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Kathi Halama, EUNIQUE 2017


Kathi Halama designs her accessoires with high qualitiy leather out of organic origin. Photo: DIRK HANUS

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Parallel fair: LOFT- The Design Shopping Center

Parallel fair: LOFT

Visit us at our parallel fair LOFT- The Design Shopping Center.

One entrance fee & two fairs!

LOFT- The Design Shopping Center