Invitation letters no longer required to obtain trade fair visas

In an order circulated by e-mail on 24 July 2013 the German Foreign Office informed the visa departments of the German embassies and consulates around the world that applicants requesting trade fair visa will as a rule no longer require an invitation letter from the respective trade fair company.

This order comes in response to pressure exerted by AUMA over many years. Only recently, AUMA pointed out the problems involved at a round table meeting on the subject of streamlining visa application procedures, which was attended by representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of the Interior and the Foreign Office.

Unlike in the case of other business travel visas, an invitation from a trade fair company provides no extra proof. However, in the past large numbers of staff at trade fair companies have had to spend considerable time writing thousands of invitation letters for their visitors and exhibitors. Following the issue of the aforesaid order this time and effort will come to an end.

Reference and further information: AUMA

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Parallel fair: LOFT

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