Highlights 2017

EUNIQUE Award for Applied Arts & Design 2017

Michael Schwarzmüller +

Michael Schwarzmüller - the winner of the EUNIQUE Award 2017

We are proud to present the first local winner of the EUNIQUE Award 2017: Michael Schwarzmüller!

Michael Schwarzmüller uses glass, a singularly mutable material, to create artworks that are unique and fragile, yet nonetheless suitable for daily use. The appearances of light and water in interplay with glass continually inspire Michael Schwarzmüller to dare exciting experiments.

Fashion Shows 2017

Fashion Shows 2017 +

Fashion Shows 2017

Our exhibitors’ latest fashion designs could be viewed on the catwalk several times a day, worn by professional models. These creations can emphasise your individuality too. Not to mention a wide range of eye-catching accessories such as bags, jewellery, belts and hats.

Special exhibition Just LEATHER +

Special exhibition Just LEATHER

Special exhibition 2017: Just LEATHER

As one of the oldest and most versatile materials, leather has been used by humankind since earliest prehistory to fabricate items for daily use, as well as to craft decorative and luxurious objects. Andour fascination with leather remains. At the EUNIQUE 2017 you could see why at the special exhibition Just LEATHER.

Partner country 2017: Italy

Partner country Italy +

Partner country Italy

Italy is marked by a rich history and breath-taking natural beauty.

Since decades Italy has a huge impact on fashion, art and design. Design made in Italy presented in the special show at the EUNIQUE 2017.

Parallel fair: LOFT- The Design Shopping Center

Parallel fair: LOFT

Visit us at our parallel fair LOFT- The Design Shopping Center.

One entrance fee & two fairs!

LOFT- The Design Shopping Center
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